Month: November 2017

Don’t Toss Those Old Devices, Transform Them

I recently blogged about how to “Secure the Rogue Workforce with Ease” with the IGEL UD Pocket. Now, let’s focus on how to deal with outdated devices, incompatible operating systems and uncooperative existing thin clients. Before you consider tossing or donating your old assets, transform them. No, I do not mean “Office Space” style, but rather transform them with the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3 (UDC3). UDC3 converts any x86 machine, regardless of manufacturer. Instantly convert x86 based PCs, laptops, tablets or third party Thin Clients into a universally deployable Linux-based Thin Client. Then manage these devices with IGEL’s...

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IGEL UD Pocket: Secure the Rogue Workforce with Ease

Security is top of mind for everyone these days, from the CISO all the way down to the end-user. The recent Equifax breech spooks the end-user, and the CISO is hoping a ransomware attack does not happen to his/her organization. Layer in the complexity of ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD), remote-workers, Apple users, contractors and temporary workers. According to CBS MoneyWatch, 67% of workers use their own devices at work. Gartner estimates 50% of workplaces will have a BYOD policy of sorts in 2017. CISOs are having heartburn due to the fact you cannot fully control these devices, especially...

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When Technologies Collide

As folks know, Landesk/Heat/Ivanti has made many key acquisitions over the last year. I have been in and around the technology industry approximately 20 years. I started in IT, was a sales engineer but spent the bulk of my career being a product manager. Now that I am out of product management, it is refreshing but exciting because I now see things from the customer point of view. As I read the latest blog from my friends at Ivanti, I found it interesting both as a partner and customer, but with the mindset of an ex-product manager. As a...

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