Author: Pete Downing

has Massive Data Breach – You Can Prevent Being A Headline

I have heard it all from “SaaS application X can never be hacked,” to “Why do I need to secure web sessions,” to “I cannot prevent users from clicking the wrong thing”. While these statements are true in a perfect world, the truth is, most hacks can be prevented. The question is, how seriously does your organization take it and do they want to be a headline!

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Three Bold Predictions for 2018

Many of my industry friends who know me know that I like to speculate, make predictions and say who is going to acquire who. Over the coming weeks, I will share these thoughts and put my predictions out there in buckets of three. For starters, here are my bold, big predictions for 2018. Prediction #1: Citrix will go Private Remember when Brain Madden predicted that Citrix would not be around by the end of 2017 – Well, Citrix is not only still around, but I feel they will go big in 2018! Every year we get the prediction that...

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Make or Break: Five Companies to Watch in 2018

This year flew by and was a busy year in technology! In the coming weeks, I am going to write a few blogs to recap the year. As a partner, I come across a lot of great companies, and I can present solutions to my clients that fit their needs. Here are five companies I feel everyone should keep an eye on in 2018. 1 – IGEL IGEL was founded in Bremen Germany in 2001 as an endpoint management company. Many folks use HP (Neoware) and Dell (Wyse) thin-clients, but IGEL has been overlooked, until now. 2018 will be...

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deviceTRUST: Context Awareness is Security’s Last Mile

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the end-user is your most significant threat to your company. Let’s take a look at some fun statistics: According to CSO, on average, cyber attacks cost U.S. enterprises $1.3 million in 2017. Phishing Labs latest report states that phishing volume has grown by 33% across five targeted industries. Barkly states that 1 in 131 emails contains malware. Impersonation attacks are growing 50% quarter over quarter. 78% of people claim to be aware a link is risky, but they still click it! Social engineering accounts for 77% of all...

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